Windows 12 is Coming

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Windows 12 is Coming

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Source: ... gnite-2022

Yup, it's true. Here's what we know (all subject to change):

* Windows is returning to a 3-year major-release cycle (this has been known for 2 months actually)
* Windows 12 will likely debut in 2024
* The design is optimized for touch
* The screenshot above is subject to change, and not the final version of what 12 will look like
* Paint still doesn't have dark mode

In comparable news, Linux's famous KDE Plasma has made their 5.26 release, and 5.27 has been announced as the final 5.x release. If you want to see what KDE Plasma looks like, you can check out Plasma's 5.26 release page here:
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Re: Windows 12 is Coming

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looks like a GNOME ripoff, dock, searchbar and top bar included
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