Regarding HCIM and Drop Trading

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Regarding HCIM and Drop Trading

Post by Ceikry »

Hello everyone!
Yet again I am in a situation where I need to make an official statement on something.
It has come to my attention that certain individuals are playing HCIM for the 10x to get access to high tier resources faster, and then drop-trading those items to their main non-HCIM accounts.
This violates not only the spirit of the HCIM gamemode but the spirit of the game itself, and even fits the definition of an unfair advantage.
If you, as an individual, are doing this, you should be ashamed.

We will continue to monitor this situation, and if it's a problem that persists one of two things is going to happen:
1) HCIM might lose the ability to play on 10x.
2) HCIM might lose the ability to drop-trade items.

Additionally, if the abuse is egregious enough, bans might be in order.
I don't know why I have to keep repeating myself on this: play fairly.

Thank you.