Every Farming Patch Reset Bug

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Every Farming Patch Reset Bug

Post by Lemniscate »

What did you do?
Planted Herbs/Crops/Trees/Fruit Trees (used Super Compost, there's no way everything I planted died)

What happened?
The Patches reset to weeds

What did you expect to happen? (Provide a source from runescape wiki/youtube/etc if possible)
normal farming growth

Are there any relevant item/npc IDs? (use ::debug command in chat)
Strawberry Seed ID: 5323
Harralander Seed ID: 5294

Any screenshots/recordings?

Have you reproduced it on the test server? If so, what are the steps
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Re: Every Farming Patch Reset Bug

Post by kirayaba »

So for now I can only really say I have absolutely no clue how to reproduce this or if it's for whatever reason 100% an account-specific issue (seems likely, it seems to never happen except to a couple people affected by this bug). It might be worth copying a save affected by this over to test and/or having someone interested in debugging look at it, but for now I'm not really sure how to handle making a proper issue report for this because I can't actually document it myself.
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