In-Game Camera Movement Documentation (Server-Sided)

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In-Game Camera Movement Documentation (Server-Sided)

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WARNING: Playing around with camera values may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Please use care when discovering camera values.

Hey ya'll,

Have you ever wanted to explore the absolutely wonderful world of the RS camera system? Well today's the day! The camera system is used for many things, such as cutscenes, region viewers (scry/viewing orbs in mini-games), and some item interactions. Below there are drop down menus to find information on that specific camera movement. I will be periodically updating this post with more information/camera types whenever I can.


The RS camera system can be manipulated in multiple ways such as:
  • Position
  • Rotation
  • Shake
  • Reset

They can even be combined to create custom camera movements!

Reference classes: PlayerCamera.kt, Cutscene.kt,

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ROTATION (WIP-pics/videos)
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