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Guide to Sourcing Data

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2022 9:59 pm
by Ceikry
goingcrazy201 - Excellent source of authentic video footage of many quests!

Prioritize video footage where possible. Anything that can't be gathered from video footage can be gathered from OSRS. You should, however, cross-reference OSRS-sourced dialogue with RS3 dialogue when you can to see if they made any changes.

NPC/Item Stats
A lot of authentic item stats can be gathered using the wayback machine, or editing the historical versions of pages on the RS wiki.

If neither of these approaches give you the information you need, you can try the OSRS wiki. Just make sure nothing in the update history has changed the stats or indicates an update to that item/npc, and that neither of the above approaches worked.

Drop Tables
Limited information about drop tables is available on the RS wiki when you roll a page's date back to 2009. You should cross-reference this limited information with OSRS drop tables. Don't include anything that is listed by OSRS but not listed by the original RS wiki. Be careful! We didn't know about the RDT back in 2009! If you see several items on the original RS wiki version of the tables that are on the RDT, it's most likely that the NPC is supposed to have an RDT roll instead!

Minigames/Distractions & Diversions
Both of these things have been changed heavily (in most cases) in both OSRS and RS3, so prefer authentic video footage wherever possible. OSRS should only be used as an absolute last resort, and RS3 only if OSRS has no information at all.

Where To Get Animation/Graphics IDs?
We have this dump available in the project repo, which contains all the animations/graphics linked to every model, and then npcs/objects linked to those models as well. This should contain almost anything you could need.

Everything Else
Prioritize in this order:
  • 2009 Videos
  • RS Wiki backdated to 2009
  • places with pages authentic to 2009. (Can use wayback machine!)
  • OSRS/RS3 wikis.