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FAQ - Check Here First!

Post by Ceikry »

Below I will document the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

Question: How Do I Run The .zip File I Downloaded From 2009scape.org?
It's not a zip file, it's a jar file. Firefox has a bug on Windows where it will download jar files as zips sometimes. Make sure you have file extensions visible and then remove the .zip extension or rename it to .jar.

Question: I Still Can't Run It!
Make sure you have Java 11 installed. You can get it here.

Question: HD Doesn't Work!
For Windows and Linux users, see the above. For OSX users, HD support is unlikely any time in the near future.

Question: The Server Is Offline!
We most likely already know and are already bringing it back online. If it's been more than 30 minutes, contact me or @ryannathans on Discord.

Question: How do I get started in 2009scape?
We have an excellent getting started guide on the website.

Question: What are credits? and how do I get them?
You can check out our credit guide.

Question: What revision is 2009Scape?
530 - aka, January, 2009.

Question: Will we ever change the revision?
Currently we plan to move to 578 (December 2009) once all the content up to January 2009 is complete.

Question: Does the server have bots?
Yes, we have server-side bots.

Question: The client says I'm 1 xp away from leveling but still shows I leveled up/got a level
It's just a difference in how the client displays data. Server rounds up, client rounds down. No need to worry.

Question: Can I pay for in-game items with real money?
No, we do not accept any kind of money for any reason. Earn your stuff.

Question: ‼️ I get an “Error loading profile” on the live server ‼️
This is an emergency situation that requires immediate staff attention. Ping the users mentioned at the bottom of this post on Discord, or send me a PM here on the forums.

Question: When is the daily restart?
Daily restart is at 00:00 UTC

If your question is not answered here and it is an emergency, ping ceikry#2724 or ryannathans#2729 on Discord.
If it is NOT an emergency, check if a topic already exists or create a new one.
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