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Test reports, test guides, etc.
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Testing guidelines

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Before we begin
This will be a general guideline for new testers who would like to help out but have no clue where to begin.
If you've not done so yet, create an account on the test server and request to be upgraded to admin through this thread.
While not required, having your own local server setup is a big advantage to cross-test live behavior vs test server changes as well as others benefits.
For a guide on how to setup your own local server, please check out our guide.

How to test
Familiarize yourself with some of the in-game commands, you can type ::commands to get a full list.
Ryan will update the testing server every day and post on the forum which MR's have been added and ready to be tested.
Go through them at your own pace and pick one you feel comfortable testing.
While most MR's are straight forward on what's changed and needs testing, some require special attention or steps to reproduce the issue at hand, the contributor will usually include steps on how to go over them in the latter case.

When applicable, always cross-check changes if they are authentic to '09 through backdated rs3wiki, YouTube videos of that era or other valid sources.

Reporting your results
There is nothing more frustrating for a contributor than having to read an entire wall of text from a tester (aside from arios spaghetti code) to find out if something worked or not.
Keep your post direct and clear to see what works and what needs more attention at a quick glance.
Make screenshots or videos when needed, in case if a video is too large for GitLab, upload it to YouTube but keep the video hidden, do not upload it as a public video.
Always state at the end if the MR gets your pass or not.

Here an example of a clear and direct test report
Another example, using the checkmark system

If you ever have questions or not sure how to test a certain MR, please ask the author or another contributor/tester for assistance or move onto another MR.
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